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Friday, September 01, 2006

New York Times to block British readers from seeing an article detailing the liquid terror plot

From Uruknet

British Ministry Of Truth Wants To Prosecute American Bloggers

If our Government doesn't like your news you may be a criminal, Next things to be banned on planes may be newspapers

Steve Watson / Infowars

August 31, 2006

The decision made by the New York Times to block British readers from seeing an article detailing the liquid terror plot suspects has raised vital questions regarding freedom of information in this country and within cyberspace.

The New York Times said on Tuesday it had blocked British Internet readers from seeing a story detailing elements of the investigation into a suspected plot to blow up airliners between Britain and the United States.

However, this raises the question, what action could be taken against anyone else in America who posts details of the information on their own blog or website?

Well it turns out that you could be prosecuted by the redcoat government.

"There has not been a prosecution for contempt over anybody publishing outside this jurisdiction (Britain), but logically there is no reason why there should not be," said Caroline Kean, partner at UK media law firm Wiggin.

This means that should Alex Jones or Jeff Rense, or anyone in the alternative media in America, post the New York Times story online for all to see then they could face criminal proceedings.

The official reason the story was banned is because it may influence jurors and prevent suspects receiving a "fair trial."

The story reportedly raised questions over the authenticity of the entire plot and suggested that an attempt to blow up the airliners was not as imminent as authorities had suggested.

Any juror in this case that would be influenced by such information would no doubt also be influenced by the furor that the government has made out the alleged plot and its own milking to death of it in an attempt to fear-monger the British public into total subservience and acquiescence.

Whilst many people in this country seem to be scared to death and accepting of whatever the authorities tell them is going to happen, many more seem to have finally woken up and are able to see straight through the mist of lies and spin, doubting that any plot ever existed in the first place.

A Guardian/ICM poll last week revealed that just 20% of British voters believe the government is telling the truth about the threat to bomb transatlantic airliners using liquid explosives - meaning 80% of the country do not trust Blair and the war on terror agenda.

This means that it's OK for the government to make public whatever information it sees fit and influence the trials of the suspects as well as shaping public opinion, but for anyone else to do so, either in the UK or in other countries, is a criminal offence.

British newspapers the Times and the Daily Mail also published details from the New York Times article. According to a Reuters report, a government source said no injunctions had been taken out against the British papers, but action could not be ruled out.

So what happens if you attempt to bring a copy of the New York Times in on a plane? Is that terrorism now? Should newspapers be banned on all flights as well as baby milk and i-pods?

This highlights how much of a threat our governments now see the internet as. The free flow of information between people around the world is breaking down and dissipating the lies and spin that they have come to rely on to plough ahead with their chosen foreign and domestic agendas.

This week it has also been revealed that Government spending on spin has almost quadrupled since Labour came to power nine years ago. The Government spent £154 million on advertising over the past 12 months – making it the third biggest advertising outlet in the country in front of almost every major global corporation that has a UK base.

It is telling that the government feels that only by keeping people entirely in the dark and suffocating them with their own brand of propaganda can they operate without hindrance. This blackout media, a tactic regularly used in Communist China, is transgressing borders now and targeting the individual citizen, regardless of the sovereign laws of their country. Is any of this indicative of a free society?

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER: Stan Monteith interviews Anthony Sutton


Unexplored Facets of Naziism

Since the early 1920s unsubstantiated reports have circulated to the effect that not only German industrialists, but also Wall Street financiers, had some role — possibly a substantial role — in the rise of Hitler and Naziism. This book presents previously unpublished evidence, a great deal from files of the Nuremburg Military Tribunals, to support this hypothesis. However, the full impact and suggestiveness of the evidence cannot be found from reading this volume alone. Two previous books in this series, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution1 and Wall Street and FDR,2 described the roles of the same firms, and often the same individuals and their fellow directors, hard at work manipulating and assisting the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917, backing Franklin D. Roosevelt for President in the United States in 1933, as well as aiding the rise of Hitler in pre-war Germany. in brief, this book is part of a more extensive study of the rise of modern socialism and the corporate socialists.

This politically active Wall Street group is more or less the same elitist circle known generally among Conservatives as the "Liberal Establishment," by liberals (for instance G. William Domhoff) as "the ruling class,"3 and by conspiratorial theorists Gary Allen4 and Dan Smoot5 as the "Insiders." But whatever we call this self-perpetuating elitist group, it is apparently fundamentally significant in the determination of world affairs, at a level far behind and above that of the elected politicians.

The influence and work of this same group in the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany is the topic of this book. This is an area of historical research almost totally unexplored by the academic world. It is an historical minefield for the unwary and the careless not aware of the intricacies of research procedures. The Soviets have long accused Wall Street bankers of backing international fascism, but their own record of historical accuracy hardly lends their accusations much credence in the West, and they do not of course criticize support of their own brand of fascism.

This author falls into a different camp. Previously accused of being overly critical of Sovietism and domestic socialism, while ignoring Wall Street and the rise of Hitler, this book hopefully will redress an assumed and quite inaccurate philosophical imbalance and emphasize the real point at issue: Whatever you call the collectivist system — Soviet socialism, New Deal socialism, corporate socialism, or National socialism — it is the average citizen, the guy in the street, that ultimately loses out to the boys running the operation at the top. Each system in its own way is a system of plunder, an organizational device to get everyone living (or attempting to live) at the expense of everyone else, while the elitist leaders, the rulers and the politicians, scalp the cream off the top...

read the whole book here

Manik Vision: A Message from the Iraqi Resistance to the American People

This is a video made by Iraqi's who want the world to know what is really going on in the Iraq war.

I hope people will get to see the real war crimes being commited by the Bush Regime in an unjust war for personal gain by the International bankering cartel, Zionists, and Military-Industrial-Corporate-Media Complex that has formed a conferation to create World Government...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An Interview Exposing the Truth about the Media's relationship with Israel

George Gallaway, the British MP, exposes the lies of the corporate media. Notice that the anchor tries to change the word kidnapping of civilians into capture and deliberately make the crisis look like it was new. Also the channel, Sky, owned by Rupert Murdoch the owner of Fox, lowers Galloway's voice and adds and tries to distract the viewers attention with almost constant footage of injured Israeli troops from the Israeli attack on Lebanon.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Manik Vision: Videos with News Highlights from the Middle East August 1-3, 2006

The Peabody Award-winning Mosaic News Service;
  • Features selections from daily news programs from the Middle East
  • Link TV is an independent network
  • Link TV gives a global perspective on world issues and cultures
  • Link TV is said to be available in 1/4 American homes

News Coverage includes these pieces from the following stations;

Israel being pushed out of Lebanon (Al Jazeera TV, Qatar)
Damages in Israel (IBA TV, Israel)
Israel losing Strength (Al-Arabiya TV, UAE)
High Demand of Coffins in Lebanon (Future TV, Lebanon)
Aid to Lebanon from Persian Gulf (Abu Dhabi TV, UAE)
Israeli attacks on civilians in Gaza & Lebanon (IRIB 2 English Sevice, Iran)

News Coverage includes these pieces from the following stations;

Israel kidnaps civilians & raids Baalbek (Al Jazeera TV, Qatar)
New Barrage of rockets and damage in Israel (IBA TV, Israel)
Effects of Israeli attacks on Lebanese Tourism & Economy (Future TV, Lebanon)
Problems in Lebanese Health Sector due to Israeli attacks (NBN TV, Lebanon)
Western negotations with Syria, Israeli-U.S. plans to attakc Syria (Abu Dhabi TV, UAE)
The role of negoations with Syria and Iran (International Arab News Broadcasters, UK)
Khamenei Denounces Israel-U.S., Global protests against Israel & U.S. (IRIB 2 English Service, Iran)

News Coverage includes these pieces from the following stations;

Qana Massacre, Arab populations ready to explode (Al Jazeera TV, Qatar)
Red Cross Interview in regards to captured Israeli troops (IBA TV, Israel)
Hezbollah pushing back Israeli Forces (NBN TV, Lebanon)
Palestinian Parliament Condemns Qana Massacre (Palestine TV, Gaza Strip)
Lebanon being turned into total wasteland (Future TV, Lebanon)
Qana Massacre, Iran refuses demands to stop Nuclear Program (IRIB 2 English Service, Iran)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Manik Vision: Secrets of the CIA

Secrets of the CIA

Manik Vision: The Hidden Agenda for World Government

As Revealed by Norman Dodd, Congressional Investigator of Tax-Exempt Foundations


This Interview is of Great Significance; in modern times wars have been bank rolled by the same sources. The same sources financed Adolf Hitler and world communist movements that finance Western governments. This interview exposes the financial means and goal of using the monopoly and totalitarian aspects of the U.S.S.R. in a world government where these 'Sources in the West' have total control. If one asks ones self who sent Lenin into Czarist Russia from capitalist Germany or why did a pro-German United States of America do a total u-turn and enter the war against Germany in WWI, they will realize that something is wrong. This interview will place one on the path towards this realization.

Mahdi Nazemroaya

The Capitalist Conspiracy: An Inside view of International Banking - Ed. Griffin

Edward Griffin - The Capitalist Conspiracy: An Inside view of International Banking

Written and narrated by G. Edward Griffin
(1960's) An old film, made sometime in the 60's.

This is an adaptation of a documentary filmstrip tracing the history of a small group of people who control the money systems of the world. It shows how this group is protected by governments and how its wealth is derived by creating money out of nothing. We see
how this group wields power through government, foundations, education, and the mass media. It has aided such regimes as Russia and China, not because it is pro-Communist, but because a visible enemy and the threat of war have been useful in persuading the masses to embrace the group's ultimate goal: a world government which they expect to control from behind the scenes. They are now working to replace fear of nuclear war with fear of global pollution as the motivation for world government. It is clear that the plan revealed in this program continues to unfold.

Monopoly is not an outgrowth of capitalism. Monopolists lobby for laws that give them advantages in the market place. Monopoloy is not based on free-enterprise competition, but the escape from it. It is not the product of capitalism but the bedfellow of socialism.

Recommended books:
- The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin

Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq war

The War on Iraq, filmmaker Robert Greenwald chronicles the Bush Administration's determined quest to invade Iraq following the events of September 11, 2001. The film deconstructs the administration's case for war through interviews with U.S intelligence and defense officials, foreign service experts, and U.N. weapons inspectors -- including a former CIA director, a former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and even President Bush's Secretary of the Army. Their analyses and conclusions are sobering, and often disturbing, regardless of one's political affiliations.

Sustainable Ceasefire means Appeasement of Israel & Exposing some Israeli Claims

‘Sustainable Ceasefire’ means nothing short of the appeasement of Israel and the continuation of war crimes against Lebanon and Palestine and the breach of international law, the rules of war, and humanitarian laws by Israel—with the help of the same American and British officials that blocked any demands for a ceasefire during an international conference in Rome, Italy and blocked any U.N. Security Council resolution calling for an end to all violence.

The war has two fronts and one is definitely at the PR (public relations) level. Israel has waged a worldwide campaign in coordination with the Israeli-American lobby and the U.S. government to conceal the true nature of the conflict and Israeli crimes. Everything is being used from the corporate media to the internet to manipulation of government wordings—yes, words are a weapon of war—such as the term 'sustainable ceasefire.' A sustainable ceasefire is not an immediate ceasefire and gives Israel the manoeuvring room to continue its massacre of innocent Lebanese civilians, the majority of which are innocent children.

Below: Map of Bomb locatons in Lebanon up till August 1,2006

At the same time the Israeli government has made numerous threats against Lebanon, such as threatening to destroy 10 apartment buildings for every rocket that Hezbollah launches into Israel. The Israeli military and government have even given shrouded threats to level Beirut, the Lebanese capital, to the ground which has been repulsed by Hezbollah threatening to start targeting Tel Aviv, the de facto capital of the State of Israel.

Israel Targeting Civilians, Hospitals & Kidnapping Lebanese Civilians

It must also be noted that there is a very significant difference between campaign tactics of Hezbollah and Israel; most of Hezbollah's kills are military, while almost all of Israel's are civilians and non-involved parties (such as the U.N., journalists, and members of the Lebanese Armed Forces).

Additionally, a Lebanese greengrocer (A CIVILIAN) was kidnapped, after all he was abducted from his home along with his family, just becuase his name was Hassan Nasrallah. Israel tried to make a claim it was the Secretary-General of Hezbollah that was captured, but was later silent when the truth came out that an innocent civilian was kidnapped. At the same time Israeli commandos attacked a Lebanese Hospital, becuase they "beleived it was a Hezbollah base."

During the span of the Israeli attacks the Israeli military and media have also been making names for fictional Hezbollah leaders that they have been capturing, such as Abu Jihad (!?).

Enter Osama bin Laden Jr., More Israeli-American Propaganda!

Another example of attempts to demonize Hezbollah and Lebanon is the claim that Osama bin Laden's son has left Iran (was he ever there?!) to start jihad in Lebanon against Israel. These attempts at demonizing Lebanon are also supported by false claims that Al-Qaeda now support Hezbollah. This is totally false and ridicules becuase in Iraq Al-Qaeda is supposedly against the Sia Muslims and helping kill them, but in Lebanon it is with the Shia Muslims? This is a lie and counter to logic, and that is if you even beleive Al-Qaeda exists.

As for an example of Israeli propaganda here it is. The Israelis claim that Hezbollah is hidding behind civilians or firing rockets from civilian areas and has given so-called video evidence.

These videos are not really evidence, but the footage that damns the Israelis as liers...

So-called Israeli Evidence; More Fabrication

After you look at this video, you might be convinced that the Israelis are telling the proof, but one should not accept what they are told by an entity that is world famous for deceit…there are many unresolved questions about these mysterious Israeli tapes.

Firstly, why is the aerial resonance—an Israeli fighter aircraft—watching the rockets get launched before attacking the ‘so-called attackers in civilian zones?’ Does that not defeat the whole point of trying to stop the attacks? Where is the Israeli response? The Israeli military is openly an aggressive force and it is hard to believe they will let these rockets be launched and watch ideally.

Secondly, where are some of the rockets in some of the footage being released?

Thirdly, some of this footage could be—and it should not be ruled out—from Anglo-American occupied Iraq or the Occupied Territories (the West Bank and Gaza Strip), and Afghanistan. After all the Israeli military and state are not trustworthy.

Beirut: Before Israeli Attacks & After Israeli Attacks

Beirut, Before the Israeli Attacks on Lebanon
Click to Enlarge Pictures

Beirut, After the Israeli Attacks on Lebanon
Click to Enlarge Pictures

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israeli War Crimes: The Qana Massacre of July 2006, Déjà Vu of the Qana Massacre of April 1996

Short Clip on American Media Attempts to Blame Hezbollah

Qana: A History

Qana is said by the Lebanese and others in the Levant to be a place where the Prophet Jesus performed miracles and spent time.

Before the recent massacre of civilians in Qana, located near Tyre in South Lebanon, even took place there was another massacre and attack of civilians and U.N. observes in the town of Qana. On April 18, 1996 during the Israeli attacks on Lebanon, "Operation Grapes of Wrath", a Fijian U.N. compound in Qana was knowingly bombed by Israeli artillery.

Almost a 1000 Lebanese civilians who were refugees were attacked. 106 were butchered and more than 100 others injured and harmed. U.N. observers were also attacked and hurt. With these attacks and others on both the U.N. and civilians Israel has established a precedent of deviant behaviour in regards to international normas and humanitarian laws.

Qana II

Right after another massacre of Lebanese civilians in Qana on July 30, 2006, the Lebanese Prime Minister and government were forced not only to renounce the "Israeli war criminals," but also stop all public meetings with American officials, including U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Several members of the government and members of the Future Movement were attacked by crowds of various political fractions and sectarian divisions in Lebanon. The additional massacre of Qana along with other Israeli war crimes in Lebanon has resulted in over 90% of Lebanon supporting Hezbollah and total distrust for the American government, the British government, and pro-American Arab governments such as those of the U.A.E., Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

Above: A Lebanese vigil in Beirut for the victims of Qana and other Israeli massacres

Protests turned into riots in Beirut as politicians in the Al-Hariri camp were chased and demonstration in central Beirut attacked the U.N. headquarters. They were calmed calmed down only when Hezbollah members asked to stop so that the Israelis and Americans would not use the event to degrade the image of the Lebanese as animals.

Most of the dead victims and injured were women and children. An estimated 40% of the victims of the Israeli raids and attacks on Lebanon are children and almost all are civilians and refugees.

Israeli False Claims: A History of Israeli Lies & Shamelessness

In the first Qana Massacre of 1996 Israeli military commander, Major General Levine, said days before the massacre in Lebanon that “the residents in South Lebanon who are under the responsibility of Hezbollah will be hit harder.” This was a clear warning of the characteristic Israeli collective punishment of civilian populations to come. Israel has claimed that Hezbollah is using civilians as human shields, but this is angrily refuted by locals as Israeli deceit and lies to the outside world in all attacked areas. Officials and the Red Cross have added their voices to the residence of Qana that Hezbollah did not launch any rockets from Qana. This would also fall in line with and help explain the targeting of U.N. observers, the Red Cross, and journalists by the Israeli military. In the first place human shields are used to deter aggression by the attacking party or entity. Israel is claming that Hezbollah believes that Israel will not attack them if they have civilians as hostages or shields, but if this case, Israel has demonstrated over and over again throughout its existence from 1948, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Israel is not deterred in any manner whatsoever from using devastating and fatal force against enemies, regardless of whether civilians are in the area. In Palestine whole families in houses or cars are targeted just to kill a single political opponent regularly. Israel is obviously untruthful in its assertions.

"In less hectic days we saw how the Israeli government plants the idea that somehow an event did not happen as widely reported. The Israeli shell that landed on th Gaza beach killing a family on a day out was alleged to be a Palestinian booby trap laid to stop Israeli commando raids. Shrapnel supposedly found in the victims taken to Israeli hospitals was alleged to prove that it was not a shell. Unfortunately a former Pentagon expert was on the spot and examined the scene in person. He made it clear that the blast hole pattern and debris was consistent with a shell landing, not a buried charge going off. That does not make much of a difference. Newspaper reports will be out there and can be called upon to muddy the waters of history.

During all This Red Cross Ambulances are Being Targeted by the Israeli Air Force

Expressions of International and Regional Outrage

Anger at the Qana Massacres has resulted in international outrage, which some say has pressured Israel into halting for 48 hours to investigate, let humanitarian aid into the area, and let refugees flee South Lebanon. The truth of the matter is the cease fire that was used as a public relations move by the U.S.A. and Israel was really to do mechanical checks and maintenance work on the Israeli jets. The supposed cease fire or pause was not really kept as bombing never stopped and it was disengaged before 12 hours was reached.

Qana 1996, Qana 2006 and The Arab Dis-League
Mohamed Khodr , ICH

July 2006

"Information Clearing House" -- -- The Arab Dis-League and Arab leaders "condemnation", "express of outrage", "placing responsibility on Israel", or "complain to the United Nations Security Council" brought any comfort to a Muslim mother burying her killed and burned children in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, or Afghanistan?
Qana I in 1996 and Qana II in 2006 happened under the cover of the "Peace Process", "The Road Map", the "Saudi [Arabian] Arab League Surrender Plan", and Arab condemnation of Hezbollah.

Qana Massacre...
Riverbend, Bagdad burning

July 30, 2006

Although the sun is blinding this time of year in our part of the world, the Middle East is seeing some of its darkest days…

I woke up this morning to scenes of carnage and destruction on the television and for the briefest of moments, I thought it was footage of Iraq. It took me a few seconds to realize it was actually Qana in Lebanon. The latest village to see Israeli air strikes. The images were beyond gruesome- body parts and corpses being hauled out from under tons of debris. Wailing relatives and friends, searching for loved ones… So far, according to humanitarian organizations, 34 were children. They killed them while they were sleeping inside their bomb shelters- much like the Amriya Shelter massacre in 1991.

Israeli Prime Minister on Qana.
The Angry Arab News Service

Israeli Prime Minister on Qana. "Olmert: Hezbollah used Qana as base to launch 100s of rockets", so we decided to kill all the women and children who are launching these rockets. I proudly announce to the Israeli nation that we have succeeded in killing a large number of the women and children of the enemy today, and will kill more tomorrow. This is the essence of Zionism. And we shall continue to kill their women and children; this has been the mission of our proud IDF. And if anybody protests, we can easily call those women and children terrorists--whether they are PLO, Hizbullah, Communists, it does not matter.

More “Birth Pangs” in Condi’s “New Middle East”
Mike Whitney

July 30, 2006

Nations are like people; ultimately they return to the habits with which they feel most comfortable. In Israel’s case, the infrequent periods of peace typically end with a return to the familiar pattern of war crimes and human rights abuse. Last night was no different.
No matter; Israel will continue with its ridiculous defense until the lie is reiterated from every media soapbox in the United States.

Already the nascent public relations campaign is in full swing. Assistant Secretary of State Nicholas Burns appeared on the Sunday talk shows defending Israeli aggression as the necessary path to achieving a "durable peace". In the Orwellian-world of Bush doublespeak, a "sustainable cease-fire" is a tacit endorsement of perennial war. Washington’s "green light" to Israel has already turned Lebanon into a basket case; its pristine coastline is awash in oil, its main industries are hobbled or ruined outright, and its civilian infrastructure is in tatters. Now, we can add war crimes to the list of triumphs in the "Bush-Olmert Lebanon policy".

The Angry Arab News Service

If they ask you who did that to Lebanon and to the Lebanese, tell them: Israel. TELL THEM: ISRAEL. If they ask you who supported the Israeli war of aggression (directly and indirectly), tell them: US, EU, UN, Libya, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Jumblat, Hariri, Patriarch Sfayr, and Sanyurah. And if they ask you whether the victims will be forgotten, tell them: NEVER. And if they ask you whether Israel (as a racist, colonialist, and occupying state) will be integrated into the region, also tell them: NEVER.
There was a coup d'etat in Lebanon yesterday. Beirut has changed, and not to US/Israeli liking. In two days, a seismic change in Lebanese political attitudes can be noticed. And I am not only talking about public opinion. I am talking about the opinion of members of the Hariri coalition. In the last two days alone, all those Sunni Hariri deputies have clearly distanced themselves from remarks made by Walid Jumblat (although they have not named him): Muhammad Qabbani, Bahiyyah Al-Hariri, `Ammar Huri, Ahmad Fatfat, Samir Al-Jisr, among others). Bahiyya Hariri yesterday criticized the US "green light" on AlJazeera TV. Many of these politicians called AlJazeera live to express their condemnation of Israel and US. Many of them sounded as if they were pleading for their lives. The demonstrators yesterday, who stormed in the UN building in downtown Beirut where my sister works, chanted angry slogans not only against Arab regimes, Israel, and US, but also against Hariri. One chant went like this: "Beirut shall always be free, free; Hariri get the hell out." The demonstrators were planning to head to the US embassy, but Hizbullah and Amal members of parliament present prevented them. They clearly were afraid of things getting out of hand. They almost did. The second time around it could be ugly. I could see that; it is worrisome. The car of the Ping Pong Minister (Hariri acting Minister of Interior Ahmad Fatfat) was attacked. One demonstrator according to the right-wing sectarian Christian daily, AnNahar, asked the press to note that she was Sunni. An-Nahar among other newspapers noted that the Sunni Al-Jama`ah Al-Islamiyyah was heavily present in the demonstration.

Yesterday, marks the end of the Hariri coalition in Lebanon. You can read its future on the face of Walid Jumblat--when he shows his face to the press as he has confined his interviews as of late to phone interviews. And the "decision" by Fu'ad Sanyurah yesterday was not his decision. There was a coup d'etat in Lebanon yesterday. Nabih Birri visited the prime minister and requested that decision. Sanyurah, the Abu Mazen of Lebanon, had no choice. The "street" was boiling, and his master, Sa`d Hariri, was nowhere to be seen. He was asking for a cease-fire from....Tunisia. The longer the Israeli aggression continues, the more the scale will weigh heavily to the side of Hizbullah. And then you think of those smiling faces around Bush in the White House's National Security Council who only a week ago thought, so foolishly and callously thought, that they were in the midst of a great Middle East politics game.

Qana II in Pictures

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Significant Speech by Hezbollah Secretary-General About Real Motives of Israeli attacks on Lebanon

Significant Speech by Hezbollah Secretary-General About Real Motives of Israeli attacks on Lebanon

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